Bruce and Diana Evelyn is the living embodiment of the American dream. A first-generation citizen, Evelyn’s been beating the odds her entire life. Evelyn’s father legally immigrated to the United States from Ecuador, and her mother entered the country as a Cuban refugee. Her parents were still teenagers when she was born in Miami, Florida, and Evelyn grew up with Spanish as her first language. Her parents often struggled to make ends meet, and her family moved frequently, whenever they could no longer afford rent. Evelyn found her way through her love of playing the piano and was able to attend a top public school for fine arts in Miami. Through this opportunity, she developed a love of learning and decided to attend college and pursue a better life. Evelyn received her bachelor’s degree in piano performance from Florida International University. She soon moved to Chicago to attend The John Marshall Law School, fell in love with Illinois and plans to never leave. Following law school, Evelyn worked as an Assistant Attorney General in the Illinois Attorney General’s Office under Jim Ryan before transitioning to private practice. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Law at The John Marshall Law School. In another turning point in her life, Evelyn suffered a slip and fall accident a few years ago and when being checked by doctors discovered that she has multiple sclerosis.  Evelyn hasn’t let it slow her down. After being given the green light from her doctor, she ran for City Council of Wheaton, and won in 2011. Evelyn currently lives in Wheaton with her husband, Raymond, and their three children. She has been involved in Franklin Middle School, Lowell Elementary School and Jefferson Preschool PTA’s. Evelyn is also a member of the Wheaton Chamber of Commerce and the DuPage County Bar Association. Evelyn and her family are active in Cub Scouts, the Community School of the Arts, Wheaton Briarcliffe Youth Baseball, and sports within the Wheaton Park District. Born into a family of immigrants with little means, Evelyn has combined talent, hard work and self-determination to achieve great things for herself and give back to the local community. She is committed to making sure all the people of Illinois have a similar opportunity to succeed.

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