Education is the key to Illinois’ future. If we can’t get it right, nothing else matters. Read below to learn more about what Bruce would do to improve education.


Education is the most important thing we do as a community.


All children deserve to go to good schools with top teachers.


For 20 years, I’ve worked on improving education in Illinois. I’ve helped lead many education organizations such as the New Schools for Chicago, The Noble Network of Charter Schools, Chicago Communities in Schools, ACT Charter School, and the Chicago Public Education Fund.


Our efforts work. In the public charter schools, the first-year students start grade levels behind, but by the time they graduate high school, most students are going to college. Many are the first in their families to attend.


I know we can improve education in Illinois because I’ve seen it happen. To do that, we can:


  • Whether traditional, charter, or private, Illinois’ children need access to more quality choices in education.  Our broken school districts need to be changed so that public dollars are able to be used to provide an excellent education for all citizens. In order to do so, we need to let educators have the autonomy to run their own schools and let families choose schools that best fit their children’s needs. Our state’s century old educational policy regime is limiting the intellectual and economic growth of our people and only a competitive educational system with options for all parents will repair this.
  • Teaching is a truly noble profession.  But like with any profession, there is a wide range of talent and dedication levels.  The best teachers create magic in the classroom and are an inspiration to students for a lifetime.  Those outstanding teachers deserve higher pay based on their merit.  Tragically, a minority of teachers are simply not up to the job, and that deprives the children in their classrooms of a quality education.  Those failing teachers must be held accountable and not given a lifetime guarantee in the classroom.
  • Education spending must be re-prioritized so our tax dollars go to the front lines of the education battlefield, and that’s the classroom.  Today we spend far too much money on administration and bureaucracy, and not enough on teachers and classroom technology that directly benefits students.  That needs to change.
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