Rauner takes on ‘union bosses’ as he jumps in race for governor

The State Journal-Register
By Bernard Schoenburg
Jun 05, 2013

Venture capitalist Bruce Rauner on Wednesday officially entered the race for the GOP nomination for governor in 2014, taking aim at “government union bosses” and the elected officials who support them as those who have helped saddle the state with fiscal problems.

“As an outsider, those government union bosses can’t intimidate me,” Rauner, 57, of Winnetka, said in an interview. “I’m not dependent on them for money or support or re-election, and I bring a unique set of skills that none of the politicians have.”

Rauner has been on a “listening tour” of the state and announced his candidacy Wednesday with a video featuring images of beautiful Illinois landscapes as well as depressed neighborhoods. His website, brucerauner.com, where the video was posted, featured the slogan “Shake up Illinois. Bring back Illinois.”

Rauner said that government pensions are among the biggest problems in Illinois.

“We need very dramatic change, and we need to go beyond what was proposed in the legislative session,” where fixes put forth include cuts to cost-of-living increases and increased contributions by employees, he said.

“What we need to say is, look, from this day going forward, for our current employees and future employees, we need a new system, a different system, one that’s really focused on (a) defined contribution plan, rather than a defined benefit,” he said. “But we can offer a range of options.”

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